TLC271ACP TLC271 + Socket - Programmable Op Amp DIP-8 IC



The TLC271 operational amplifier combines a wide range of input offset voltage grades with low offset voltage drift and high input impedance. In addition, the TLC271 offers a bias-select mode that allows the user to select the best combination of power dissipation and ac performance for a particular application. These devices use Texas Instruments silicon-gate LinCMOSTM technology, which provides offset voltage stability far exceeding the stability available with conventional metal-gate processes.

Using the bias-select option, these cost-effective devices can be programmed to span a wide range of applications that previously required BiFET, NFET, or bipolar technology. 


  • TLC271ACP
  • 8-Pin DIP Sockets with Machined Contact Pins

This item features:

  • Input Offset Voltage Drift...Typically 0.1 uV/Month, Including the First 30 Days
  • Wide Range of Supply Voltages Over Specified Temperature Range: 
         0°C to 70°C...3 V to 16 V

        -40°C to 85°C...4 V to 16 V

        -55°C to 125°C...5 V to 16 V
  • Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Extends Below the Negative Rail
  • Low Noise...25 nV/Hz\ Typically at f = 1 kHz (High-Bias Mode)
  • Output Voltage Range Includes Negative Rail
  • High Input Impedance...1012 Typ
  • ESD-Protection Circuitry
  • Designed-In Latch-Up Immunity


  • New and Authentic Component(s) - TLC271ACP Programmable Low Power Operational Amplifier IC & 8-Pin DIP Sockets with Machined Contact Pins.
  • Friendly Note: Be mindful of the many, inexpensive, counterfeits available on the market.

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