OPA277PA OPA277 - High Precision Operational Amplifiers IC

  • Description:

    The OPA277 precision operational amplifiers replace the industry standard OP-177. They offer improved noise, wider output voltage swing, and are twice as fast with half the quiescent current. Features include ultralow offset voltage and drift, low bias current, high common-mode rejection, and high power supply rejection. Single, dual, and quad versions have identical specifications, for maximum design flexibility.

  • OPA277 operational amplifiers operate from ±2-V to ±18-V supplies with excellent performance. Unlike most operational amplifiers which are specified at only one supply voltage, the OPA277 is specified for real-world applications; a single limit applies over the ±5-V to ±15-V supply range. High performance is maintained as the amplifiers swing to their specified limits. Because the initial offset voltage (±20 µV maximum) is so low, user adjustment is usually not required. However, the single version (OPA277) provides external trim pins for special applications.

    OPA277 operational amplifiers are easy to use and free from phase inversion and the overload problems found in some other operational amplifiers. They are stable in unity gain and provide excellent dynamic behavior over a wide range of load conditions. Dual and quad versions feature completely independent circuitry for lowest crosstalk and freedom from interaction, even when overdriven or overloaded. 



    This item features:

    Ultralow Offset Voltage: 10 µV

    Ultralow Drift: ±0.1 µV/°C

    High Open-Loop Gain: 134 dB

    High Common-Mode Rejection: 140 dB

    High Power Supply Rejection: 130 dB

    Low Bias Current: 1-nA maximum

    Wide Supply Range: ±2 V to ±18 V

    Low Quiescent Current: 800 µA/amplifier

    Single, Dual, and Quad Versions

    Replaces OP-07, OP-77, and OP-177


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