Ceramic Resonator 16MHz ±0.5% (Tol) ±0.2% (Stability) 5pF 50 Ohm 3-Pin Thru-Hole Breadboard-Friendly IC Manufactured in Japan



MURATA's ceramic resonator, CERALOCK(R) with built-in load capacitors, has been widely applied as the most suitable component for clock oscillators in a broad range of microprocessors. The CSTLS series can be used in the design of oscillation circuits not requiring external load capacitors, enabling high-density mounting.


  • MURATA 16MHz Ceramic Resonator

This item features:

  • Compact, lightweight and exhibit superior shock resistance performance.
  • Enable the design of oscillator circuits requiring no adjustment.
  • Designed for Long Life with the Practice of High Quality Manufacturing.
  • With these Resonators Oscillation circuits do not require external load capacitors.
  • Excellent for 16MHz clocked Microcontroller Projects, such as the Arduino series, and many others.


  • New and Authentic Component(s) - MURATA 16 MHz ±0.5% (Tol) ±0.2% (Stability) 5pF 50 Ohm 3-Pin Thru-Hole Breadboard-Friendly Ceramic Resonator.
  • Friendly Note: Be mindful of the many, inexpensive, counterfeits available on the market.

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