Intersil CA3080EZ CA3080 - Operational-Transconductance Amplifier (Pack of 4)

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The CA3080 OTAs are Gatable-Gain Blocks which utilize the unique operational-transconductance amplifier (OTA) concept described in Application Note AN6668, "Applications of the CA3080 and CA3080A High-Performance Operational Transconductance Amplifiers".

The CA3080 OTAs have differential input and a single-ended, push-pull, class A output. In addition, these types have an amplifier bias input which may be used either for gating or for linear gain control. These types also have a high output impedance and their transconductance (gM) is directly proportional to the amplifier bias current (IABC).

The CA3080 OTAs are notable for their excellent slew rate (50V/us), which makes them especially useful for multiplexer and fast unity-gain voltage followers. These types are especially applicable for multiplexer applications because power is consumed only when the devices are in the "ON" channel state.



  • 4 X CA3080EZ

This item features:

  • Slew Rate (Unity Gain, Compensated) 50V/us
  • Adjustable Power Consumption 10uW to 30uW
  • Flexible Supply Voltage Range 2V to 15V
  • Fully Adjustable Gain 0 to gMRL Limit
  • Tight gM Spread:
    • CA3080 2:1
    • CA3080A 1.6:1
  • Extended gM Linearity 3 Decades


  • New and Authentic Component(s) - Intersil CA3080EZ 2MHz, Operational TransconductanceAmplifier (OTA) + Sockets.
  • Friendly Note: Be mindful of the many, inexpensive, counterfeits available on the market.

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