2N3906 Bipolar (BJT) Single Transistor, High Speed Switching, PNP, 40 V, 250 MHz, 625 mW, 200 mA, 100 hFE TO-92



The ON Semiconductor 2N3906 transistor is a silicon epitaxial planar PNP general purpose amplifier and switch. The useful dynamic range extends to 100 mA as a switch and to 100 MHz as an amplifier with a 200mA Collector Current (Continuous).

  • 2N3906

This item features:

  • Professional Quality, Long Life, ON Semiconductor/Fairchild Components. High-Grade Transistors unlike many inferior generic transistors commonly found on the market.
  • Dynamic range of 100 MHz
  • Switching and Amplifier
  • PNP General Purpose Amplifier
  • Small load switch transistor with high gain and low saturation voltage
  • Collector emitter voltage (Vce) of 40V
  • Continuous collector current (Ic) of 200mA
  • Power dissipation of 625mW
  • Operating junction temperature range from -55°C to 150°C
  • DC current gain is greater than 30A at Ic=100mA


  • New and Authentic Component(s) - 2N3906 PNP general purpose amplifier and switch transistors.
  • Friendly Note: Be mindful of the many, inexpensive, counterfeits available on the market.

General details:

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