Juried Engineering Fast Switching/Fast Recovery/Small Signal/Schottky/Rectifier Diode Assortment Master Kit Breadboard-Friendly (310 Pieces 19 Values)

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The Juried Engineering Diode Master Assortment Electronics Kit consists of, 310 pieces in 19 values, of high quality Diodes. This Diode Kit is Breadboard-Friendly awaiting your next Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other DIY electronics project and contains:

General Purpose Rectifier Diodes:

1N4001 x 20 pieces
1N4004 x 20 pieces
1N4007 x 20 pieces
1N5399 x 10 pieces
1N5408 x 10 pieces

Small Signal Zener Diodes:

1N5229 x 20 pieces
1N5233 x 20 pieces
1N5247 x 20 pieces
1N5248 x 20 pieces

Fast Switching Diodes:

1N4148 x 20 pieces

Fast Recovery Rectifier Diodes:

UF2003 x 10 pieces
UF4003 x 10 pieces
FR107 x 10 pieces
FR207 x 10 pieces

Small Signal Switching Diodes:

1N4447 x 20 pieces
1N914 x 20 pieces
1N916 x 20 pieces

Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes:

1N5819 x 20 pieces 1N5822 x 10 pieces

Juried Engineering Products are shipped in ESD Safe Packaging and are Authentic/Genuine Components.